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How Auto Dialer Works and What are its Common Types?

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If you are a call center owner or agent and have been using the auto dialer, you must know that the software performs various tasks and functions. Since the main function of auto dialer is, it dials thousands of calls automatically without giving a pause.

Auto dialer software usually becomes helpful when a person cannot find any better way to connect with multiple people for generating leads and they need to contact thousands of people simultaneously. Auto dialers can be customized to have a feature that increases the possibility to reach an individual instead of using voice mail. An auto dialer is the best tool to generate maximum sales in almost all the sectors such as healthcare, hospitals, call centers, advertising agency, for emergencies, etc. In the case of call centers, VoIP auto dialers can work effectively through computers or with PBX systems that are mainly using SIP trunks.

How does it work?

To run an auto dialer software, you need a system, a person attending calls, a voice modem as well as an active telephone line. Your voice modem will allow the computer to play a pre-recorded message over a telephone line. However, if you are using VoIP, it would ultimately remove the use of any hardware or equipment. For standard desktop PC’s, they mainly use 2-4 internal modem cards- like if you are using more modems, you can make multiple calls in your call center.

The software will already have a database that will have thousands of numbers, and the auto dialer will efficiently dial those numbers stored in the computer. It would have an idea about dialing right numbers and would bypass busy signal, answering machine, or disconnected numbers. It would only connect with live users. Before making the live connection, the auto dialer will have complete details about making the call and even calculate the time duration.

Previously, auto dialer was tasked to dial every combination of phone numbers, which process is now called ‘war dialing. But today, auto dialers must dial numbers from the database of leads. Most of the calls are not picked up by an individual within 25 seconds, or the time is taken to ring 3-4 times. And after that, the call will usually transfer to voice mail. And the auto-dialer simply drops the call if the call is not answered within 25 seconds. The call can also drop if it has got a busy signal.

Common types:

There are some common types of auto dialer software, which includes:

  • Voice broadcasting:

A pre-recorded message that is designed to inform the target audience about some special news or announcement is a form of voice broadcasting.

  • Preview dialer:

In this type, call details are informed to the agent before connecting, so the agent can decide whether to process the call or not.

  • Predictive dialer:

Predictive dialer is an ultimate time saver, it dials calls only if the agent is available to talk. Hence it also skips busy numbers and connects agents to live users.

There are still some small types of the auto dialer, but not so frequently used. An auto dialer is useful in different environments, like small businesses, debt collection agencies, outbound call centers, and healthcare field, etc. It saves a lot of time and money and helps agents to generate leads and sales in a short time. If you need auto dialer software for your business, you may find some help from VT dialer where professionals can guide you and provide a right and customized solution according to your needs.

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